“There She Was Waiting at the Church!” (Oct, 1955)

“There She Was Waiting at the Church!”

There she was waiting at the church . . . because the cutest boy of the neighborhood playing “groom” to her “bride” walked out on her . . . and told her why.

Lucky little Edna—to learn so young what some people never realize at all —that halitosis (unpleasant breath) is a fault not easy to pardon. It was a lesson she never forgot. Later in life, attractive and sought-after, Listerine Antiseptic was a “must” before every date.

No tooth paste kills germs like this… instantly Listerine Antiseptic does for you what no tooth paste does. Listerine instantly kills germs … by millions . . . and germ reduction is the best answer to sweeter breath.

You see, far and away the most common cause of offensive breath is the fermentation, produced by germs, of proteins which are always present in your mouth. And research shows that your breath stays sweeter longer, the more you reduce germs in the mouth.

Listerine clinically proved four times better than tooth paste No tooth paste, of course, is antiseptic. Chlorophyll does not kill germs—but Listerine kills them by millions, gives you long lasting antiseptic protection against bad breath.

Is it any wonder Listerine Antiseptic in recent clinical tests, averaged at least four times more effective in stopping bad breath odors than the tooth pastes it was tested against?

With proof like this, it’s easy to see why Listerine belongs in your home. Every morning . . . every night . . . before every date, make it a habit to always gargle Listerine, the most widely used antiseptic in the world.

4 times better than tooth paste

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