These Flower BEDS ARE Novel (May, 1931)

These Flower BEDS ARE Novel

YOU would hunt far and perhaps in vain, to find more novel flower beds than W. F. Wilke, of Omaha, has made for the vacant corner lot beside his home. At the first glance, the area seems to be actually cluttered up with odd and elaborate designs—which on second glance appear to be flower beds. Mr. Wilke naturally disliked to estimate the time he has spent on them. One knows the hours have been many. Yet the completed task is one of permanence and distinction.

Mr. Wilke is a brick mason. Naturally he turned to brick as the material from which to construct his various ideas. In between the beds the ground is perfectly turfed with blue grass. Nor do the few accompanying photos show all, by any means, of the clever things found.

Facing the street and of the most prominence is the airplane bed. The fuselage frame is of brick with tin covering most of the curved portions. The “prop” in front is genuine, having been donated by a flyer from a ship which cracked up. The wings become the beds proper as you see. Around the bed is a facing 5 inches wide of concrete. The cockpit is well formed and the rudder is of brick. Each side the rudder are two small flower beds to resemble the elevator pieces.

Farther back we find a row boat, oars in place, full of flowers. The sides are of brick, the seats of tile. Concrete caps the edges to give a rounded surface. This bed, too, rests upon concrete set flush with the ground.

Perhaps the most amusing of all beds is the auto. There is the steering wheel, head lights and portions of actual tires, to say nothing of the license plate, hub and radiator caps to lend realism. The rest of the creation is of brick on edge. Although this auto flower bed was put in 5 years ago, it looks as though the mortar had hardly dried. Of course, the tires extend only a little way below the concrete foundation.

  1. bobby j says: August 19, 20119:12 am

    My neighborhood association would totally freak!

  2. Rick s. says: August 19, 20111:23 pm

    I totally agree with you, bobby j. Yes, they may be unique but those things are just plain UGLY!!


  3. Anton says: August 19, 20111:57 pm

    What did Omaha boys? What did Omaha? She hauled a load of flowers boys. She hauled a load of flowers in a plane, a boat and car boys – – –

  4. Jari says: August 19, 20111:57 pm


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