These SKIMMERS Go Anywhere (Nov, 1959)

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These SKIMMERS Go Anywhere

THE Wright boys would blink in astonishment at some of the weird rigs taking to the air these days. Air-Cars, Sky-Boats, Flying Jeeps, Hovercraft—they’re revolutionizing the Age of Flight.

Most of these craft are based on two new devices: the ducted fan and the air cushion.

The ducted fan is simply a horizontal prop that supports the vehicle on a column of air. Forward movement is provided by slanted vanes.

With the air cushion, air under pressure is forced downward, raising the vehicle a few inches above the ground or water.

Here are a few of the latest skimmers to come off the drawing boards.

  1. Kenneth says: February 2, 20098:07 am

    Finally! Now I know where Martin Polulski-Blatz got his vehicle in that Orbitz commercial!

  2. Firebrand38 says: February 3, 200912:25 pm

    More on the Piasecki Sky-Car (aka Geep)…

  3. -DOUG- says: July 18, 20098:17 pm


    For those who come along after the sale is gone, it’s an example of how some people really do build these things when they get plans from the magazine. Yep, built it, put it away for 30 years, and now he’s selling it.

    Just so you can see what it was after the sale is gone, or if maybe you really want to build one for yourself, here’s where you’d get the plans.…

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