These Two Youngsters Are Out to Steal Their Dad’s Racing Laurels (Jul, 1929)

These kids look pretty bad-ass. And kudos to the father for making his daughter a model car instead of a model kitchen.

These Two Youngsters Are Out to Steal Their Dad’s Racing Laurels

Following in their dad’s footsteps seems to be the thing these two youngsters, shown below, enjoy most. They are the children of Captain Campbell, English auto racer. The photo was taken at their home in Horely, England, while they were driving about in their yard.

Donald’s car is an exact model of a Buggatti. It will travel at a speed of 18 m.p.h.

Jean’s car is a model of a Bluebird.

  1. Jari says: March 17, 201110:11 am

    Gorgeous cars. Yep, Donald followed his father’s footsteps.

    “Sir Malcolm Campbell was an English racing motorist and motoring journalist. He gained the world speed record on land and on water at various times during the 1920s and 1930s using vehicles called Blue Bird. His son, Donald Campbell, carried on the family tradition by holding both land speed and water speed records.”

  2. John says: March 17, 201111:13 am

    Jari: Until his tragic death making a speed record attempt on water…

  3. Jari says: March 17, 20113:11 pm

    John: Unfortunately. According to Jean’s obituary (she passed away in 2007), the whole family was (is) a bit of a speed freaks.…

  4. Toronto says: March 17, 20118:55 pm

    The girl, especially, looks dangerous.

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