SCIENCE has taken a look at the pigpen and devised a revolutionary new system to raise young swine. Developed by Nutrena Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., the Pigloo is a prefab wooden structure designed to increase the low-cost production of hogs by protecting them from disease. It is said to cut breeding costs over 50 per cent.

  1. Toronto says: January 12, 200912:51 am

    They need to add little ramps to assist the piglets in strapping on their prosthetic legs…

  2. Adam says: January 13, 20098:20 pm

    I doubt that anyone got the exact same feedburner ad as me, but it an aerial-view image of suited men standing around a display of faucets and other fixtures, with a very similar physical look to the first image of the piglets. Beats me what the ad was for. A funny juxtaposition, nevertheless.

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