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Get full-time economy that only starts with Ford’s low price!

Meet the trucks that make saving money a full-time business—the new ’62 Fords!

In a selection of over 600 models there’s a truck that’s right for your job, whatever your job. . . trucks that you can buy and operate at lower cost. . . trucks that can save you money mile after mile, load after load, year after year!

They save on price. They save on gas and oil. They save on tires and on maintenance—wherever there’s a way to save! The full record of Ford economy, covering three years of independent tests, is detailed in Ford’s Certified Economy Reports. See your Ford dealer now. Check out the facts, work out a deal, and drive out a truck that saves money. . . full time!



EXCLUSIVE ONE-PIECE CAB-BODY DESIGN gives Ford Styleside pickups extra capacity and extra strength. Heavy-duty in every way for heavy going all day! And there’s car-like riding comfort, thanks to Ford’s long wheelbase and exclusive Driverized Cab!

AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR VAN- and small wonder! Econoline savings start with a price far under any conventional panel on the market! And they continue saving every day—certified tests have shown that over 16,000 miles, savings in operating costs compared to the conventional panel you may now be driving could top $100! Big 4-ft. doors rear and curbside, plus 204 cu. ft. of loadspace and a floor that’s flat the full length, provide for easy handling of cargo.

ECONOLINE —ALL-AROUND ECONOMY LEADER-this Ford pickup can save $100 on gas, oil, and tires over your present conventional pickup every 16,000 miles. Carries 3/4 ton, offers up to 23% more loadspace. And the loadspace is all usable—the cargo floor is flat, there’s no rear engine hump!

NEW BIG SIX FOR FORD MEDIUMS includes more heavy-duty engine features than any other Six of its size. Never before such long-term durability, reliability and economy at so low a price.

SUPER-DUTY V-8 OR DIESEL power gives Ford’s new highway tractors superb performance. Optional sleeper cab adds only one inch to cab length, permitting 40-foot trailers in 50-foot over-all length. GCW’s as high as 76,800 lbs. Also, wide choice of conventional or tilt-cab models.

  1. Toronto says: September 28, 201211:35 am

    The Econoline pickup was so ugly it’s cool now.

  2. Hirudinea says: September 28, 20122:44 pm

    Yep, its so different from anything you’ed see today. By the way wasn’t the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo a Ford Econoline van?

  3. experiment 626 says: September 30, 20129:46 am

    I sometimes see the pickup but not very often but the 70s era Ford pickups are so common here they never get a second thought from me but GMs and especially Dodges do. I sometimes see vans but like the trucks Fords are the most common and A Ford big rig from that era is unheard of although I see many from the 80s-90s still being used and still Ford is the most common and I had no idea Dodge made semis and why they pulled out of the market first.

    @Hirudinea I thought the mystery machine was a Dodge D100 or what ever they called their van?

  4. Toronto says: September 30, 201211:54 am

    Check this one out!…

  5. Hirudinea says: September 30, 20126:21 pm

    @ experiment 626 – I googled it and this is the best answer I found……

  6. experiment 626 says: October 2, 20122:54 pm

    @Hirudinea I would not trust what other people think but seeing how how popular Ford is even today I’ll take your wod on it.

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