THEY’RE PLANNING Your Home in the Sun (Sep, 1955)

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THEY’RE PLANNING Your Home in the Sun

ARCHITECTS at Princeton University have come up with a three-step system for designing your home of the future. They see such a house properly oriented to the sun, and plan it with the sun constantly in mind.

• The first step is to position the house on the site. In the architectural lab, a basic model of the home is placed on a movable board. A powerful light bathes the board in “sunlight.” The model then is moved to positions corresponding to the angles of the sun at the house site. Through such experiments the architects determine the best position of the house on the lot.

• In the second step they decide what type of shading blinds to use and build models of them. These miniature blinds are attached to the house model, which is placed beneath the light again. In some cases the architects build larger models of rooms and place them inside a “sun dome” in the building’s roof.

• The last step is to decide whether to use opaque, semitransparent or transparent materials for the shading devices.

The result is a house oriented to the sun, taking advantage of Old Sol’s heat in the winter but keeping it out of the home during the summer.

  1. Wikipedista says: August 4, 200710:56 am

    The title of this article is so much misleading.


  2. Blurgle says: August 4, 20076:29 pm

    Apparently you don’t get a home in the sun unless you have a lot eight times normal size, though.

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