This Bottle Neck is Your Opportunity (Jun, 1941)

This image feels like it should be a scene in the Big Lobowski. Or at least an ad for booze… “Brand x gives you wings!”

This Bottle Neck is Your Opportunity

A very real bottle neck has occurred in industry.

The millions of men going to work in the defense industry and business boom need thousands—hundreds of thousands—of supervisors and executives. Expanding Government agencies are calling for many specialists. Regular business needs experts to take care of expansion and to replace men called to military service.

The need is for all sorts of executives and specialists—foremen, supervisors, superintendents, accountants, traffic men, tax experts, time keepers, department managers, auditors, cost experts, production men, etc. The need will grow and continue for years to come.

There just are not enough men ready for these places nor can industry take the time to train them. Thousands—scores of thousands— must get their own training.

That is your opportunity—if you are ready or will get ready quickly. Never again will you have such an opportunity to command the success you want. But you must act decisively— immediately. The more quickly you get ready, the sooner these millions of new workers will be pushing you up the ladder.

And LaSalle Offers You Just the Help You Need Our courses are practically built to order for this opportunity. Condensed, practical—the minimum of theory and the maximum of practice. Prepared for spare time study—you can go as fast or slowly as you wish. You need not wait until you finish—what you study tonight, you can use on the job tomorrow. All are specialized, executive training courses. They are moderate in cost and easy terms are available.

Some of our training programs may cover just the field in which you see opportunity. Read them in the coupon below. Then check the one about which you wish full information —and mail the coupon today. Remember—the sooner you start, the sooner you will be ready for the opportunity.

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  1. Hirudinea says: June 29, 201211:28 am

    Maybe they were aiming the add at people who wanted yo get a job in a brewery.

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