This Christmas give him three great gifts for the price of a Playboy Club key. (Oct, 1967)

This Christmas give him three great gifts for the price of a Playboy Club key.

Clip the coupon above and come Christmas day, here’s what each VIP on your gift list will receive:

1. His personal Playboy Club key-card. The coveted symbol of the good life will admit him to Clubs* across the U.S., in Jamaica, London and Montreal —18 Clubs in all.

2. Champagne on the house. Upon his first visit to the Club, the new keyholder will be presented a bottle of champagne by a beautiful Bunny with your compliments.

3. A work of modern art by LeRoy Neiman. Each time your friend admires his magnificent full-color 20″ x 30″ reproduction of a Neiman original he’ll appreciate your good taste.

*In Massachusetts it’s Playboy of Boston.

You can gift-wrap this world of Playboy for your friends, but we urge you to act now while it’s possible to give three great gifts for the price of a Playboy Club key alone.

And if you’re not a keyholder, why not gift yourself?

The special holiday offer expires December 19, 1967.

The new keyholder may use his key at all Playboy Clubs. At the present time, state laws allow us to redeem champagne and Neiman print certificates in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix and St. Louis. Certificates may be redeemed any time during 1968. Recipients must be male and age 23 or over. The Annual Account Maintenance Charge for the first year ($5 U.S., $6 Canadian) will be waived.

Quickly Jeeves, my scissors and checkbook!

Playboy Clubs International, Playboy Building, 919 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611

  1. Hoofie says: July 11, 20113:35 am

    ..and in return he will give you the gift that goes on giving – the clap

  2. Stephen says: July 11, 20115:40 am

    They don’t show you a picture of the “work of modern art”, which is a bit suspicious.

  3. bobby j says: July 11, 20116:31 am

    LeRoy Neiman did a lot of modernist sports painting for Playboy in the 50’s and 60’s.

  4. Charlene says: July 11, 20117:43 am

    Although the “full-color reproduction” sounds like something you’d buy at these days for ten bucks, LeRoy Neiman is a damn good artist. He just turned 90 last month and he’s still painting.

  5. Hirudinea says: July 11, 20114:25 pm

    I know what I’ed like to give HER for Christmas! (A decent hairdoo!)

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