This close…

Well, my soon-to-be roommate and I almost got a place today. But as we were filling out the application the broker called the owner to tell him we were applying and he said he’d already rented the place. Drat. I really like the neighborhood (Carroll Gardens / Cobble Hill / Boerum Hill), and I’m confident we will find something, but damn. We’ve now looked at something like 10 apartments in the last two days and I’m tired. 10’x6′ does not a bedroom make.

I actually had expected to post before now, but I’ve been ridiculously busy apartment hunting, and hanging out with my family. Plus the AT&T 3g wireless card I got to give me connectivity has really, really, truly sucked. Basically useless. I blame all the iPhone 3g users (myself included) for saturating the local network. Interesting fact: my iPhone downloads content five times faster in San Diego than New York. (average of 2-300 kbps down in NYC, 1200-1500 kbps in SD). Damn hipsters.

Thanks for all the tips and responses to my previous post, and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to any of you. I will try to do so over the next few days.

Here’s some stuff from a really great new issue of MM I just finished editing. Be sure to click on the cover and check it out, it’s awesome. Definitely one of the oddest juxtapositions I’ve seen on a MM cover.

  1. Torgo says: August 22, 20086:28 pm

    My whole apartment is about 10′ x 6′. The slower download times don’t surprise me, New York IS a mess.

  2. Toronto says: August 22, 20088:10 pm

    I have a 13.5′ wide house, if that helps. It’s 1890 vintage, downtown Toronto. My download time isn’t much better than NYC.

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