This ELECTRIC AGE (Feb, 1937)


A Guest Editorial FARM drudgery must go. The application of electricity is eliminating needless human toil from industry. The heavy work in our factories—lifting and pushing and cranking—is more and more being turned over to electricity.

Electricity pumps water, runs great urban transportation and communication systems, and otherwise makes it possible to live comfortably in our complex metropolitan centers. The efficiency of the modern assembly line is a direct result of this widespread use of electric power.

With electric power the city housewife no longer dreads the “Blue Monday” laundry day. Her daily chores and the spring and fall house-cleanings have been reduced because of the electric refrigerator, vacuum-cleaner, electric washer and ironer, and above all, an abundance of running water.

Electricity promises even greater advances in agricultural processes and living standards than it has brought about in industry and in city homes. During the past half century—the period of great electrical development—we did no more than a 10 per cent job of electrifying our rural areas. It is strange that some seemed to believe that the saturation point in rural electrification had been reached. A saturation point, when dynamos supply only 3 per cent of the power which agriculture uses, as compared with 80 per cent of industrial power!

Today, however, a different picture is being drawn. Encouraged by Federal, State and local assistance, farmers are demanding power. They will be served in one way or another. Utilities, both public and private, are conscious of this demand, and rural expansion is the order of the day throughout the power industry. More and more the utilities are realizing the vast potentialities of the rural market.

With the assistance of power, the farm will be a much happier and more pleasant place to live. Power will prove to be one of the farmer’s greatest comforts and his most untiring hired hand.

Morris L. Cooke
Rural Electrification Administration

  1. Mike says: December 1, 20089:40 am

    I am shocked this electricity thing never real took off.

  2. Aaron says: December 4, 200811:36 pm

    Unfortunately, Parkinson’s law seems to have beleaguered the benefits of electricity…

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