This Horn Fish “Swallows” Your Cigarette Ashes (Sep, 1948)

This Horn Fish “Swallows” Your Cigarette Ashes

Appropriately dubbed a horn fish, this novel desk ornament is made almost entirely from a cow’s horn. Its gaping mouth can be used as an ash tray or to hold paper clips. The mouth is formed by sawing the end of the horn as indicated and the waste piece is saved for the dorsal fin and the tail. Scrape the horn carefully to remove nicks and scratches and also to remove the dull outside layer. Shallow knife cuts are made on each side of the head to represent gills. The waste piece from the mouth is split in half and flattened to make the fin and tail. This is done by placing the pieces in boiling water to make them pliable and then clamping between two pieces of hard- wood, leaving them to dry 8 to 10 hours.

The slot for the fin is made by drilling a row of adjacent holes and then filing the opening square. The tail piece fits in a slot cut in the point of the horn and both the tail and fin are cemented in place. The eyes are plastic buttons cemented in holes drilled large enough to take the button eyelet. A turned disk of fancy wood, nicely finished, forms a base for the novelty. This is attached to the horn with a small stove bolt, the nut being set flush in a counter-bored hole. The bottom of the base is then covered with felt. Finish by polishing the horn to a high luster with paste wax.

Elma Waltner, Hurley, S. D.

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