This is a true Air-line Car; therefore Beautiful (May, 1934)

This is a true Air-line Car; therefore Beautiful

Efficient streamlining is always beautiful. It is no accident that the swiftest birds are always the most graceful

Director, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics, New York City, says, “Smooth lines and improved visual appearance are associated with Hupmobile’s reduced air resistance.”

Many have talked about it.

Some have tried to achieve it. But, in the opinion of most authorities, only Hupp has built it… the true Aero-dynamic car… a car that inevitably combines rare beauty and new efficiency.

The graceful, plane-like lines of this new Hupmobile reduce wind resistance and give higher speed with greater economy. Utterly new body proportions make possible larger doors for easy entrance, wider seats for greater comfort… bigger windows for panoramic vision…a pilot-house windshield for safer driving.

Entirely new principles of weight distribution, “coordinated suspension” and side-sway eliminator originated by Hupmobile make the riding qualities of this car a miracle of floating smoothness. New alloys reduce car weight—increase acceleration.

But the real thrill of riding in and driving this new Aero-dynamic Hupmobile can’t be told. It must be experienced. Go to your dealer today. Open the door of the Aero-dynamic Hupmobile —and step into a new world of motoring.

4-door sedan prices
127-inch wheelbase, $1245… 121-inch wheelbase, $1095… 117-inch wheelbase, $795 Prices f.o.b. factory… tax and special equipment extra


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