This is Sony (Aug, 1962)

This is Sony


Sony Stereo Tape Deck 262-D —4 & 2 track stereo recording and playback tape transport to add tape to your existing hi fi system. $89.50. (Also available, not pictured, the new SRA-2 stereo recording amplifier for the 262 D. $89.50.) • Sony Sterecorder 777-S—All transistorized professional 2 or 4 track stereo recorder featuring the exclusive Sony Electro Bi Lateral playback Head. World’s finest tape recorder. $595. • Sony Sterecorder 300—A complete professional-quality hi fi stereo tape system with 4 & 2 track recording and playback in one portable unit. $399.50. • Sony Portable 101 — 2 speed, dual-track, hi-fidelity recorder with 7″ reel capacity. $99.50. • Sony Sterecorder 464-D —Dual performance 4 track stereo tape deck with built-in recording & playback pre-amps for custom installations and portable use. 5199.50. • Sony Wireless Microphone CR-4 —Pocket size mike and transmitter providing complete freedom from entangling microphone cables. $250. • Sony Condenser Microphone C-37 A— For purity of sound reproduction, the unqualified choice of professional studios throughout the world. $295. • Sony Sound on Sound Recorder 262 SL —The perfect recorder for language, music and drama students. With 4 track stereo playback. $199.50. • Sony Tapecorder 111—A popularly priced, high quality bantam recorder for everyday family fun. $79.50. • Sony Condenser Microphone C-17 B— Miniature size (3-3/4 “x 5/8” diameter) and exceptional background isolation unidirectional cardioid pattern. $350. • Sony Newscaster Portable EM-1—A professional on-the-spot battery powered portable recorder with precision spring wind constant speed motor. $495. All Sony Stereocorders are Multiplex ready!

For additional literature and name of nearest franchised dealer write Superscope, Inc., Dept. P Sun Valley, California The


Tapeway to Stereo

  1. Stephen says: September 5, 20125:17 am

    This reminds me of the equipment in “The Conversation”.

  2. JMyint says: September 5, 20128:37 am

    Sony Tapecorder 111— $79.50 would be $609 today and the Sony Sterecorder 464-D — $5199.50 would be over $39,000. If you made $5199.50 in 1961 you would be in the 22% tax bracket. In 2012 if you made $39,000 you would be in the 15% or 25% tax bracket depending on if you are married or single.

  3. Toronto says: September 5, 201212:03 pm

    Isn’t the current Republican presidential candidate in the 15% bracket?

    Poor fellow!

  4. Hirudinea says: September 5, 20121:35 pm

    @ Stephen – Yes it does, underrated movie.

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