This Novel Barber Chair Keeps Attention of Youngsters (Aug, 1929)

This Novel Barber Chair Keeps Attention of Youngsters

CHILDREN who have an aversion to getting their hair cut, rapidly overcome it when they see the special chairs that have been installed in a barber shop in Bisbee, Arizona.

The chairs are turned easily and there are plenty of objects and levers to keep the child’s attention while the barber is clipping his hair.

Modeled after toy automobiles, ponies and boats, the children’s chairs not only attract juvenile attention and allow the barber to cut a youngster’s hair without his wanting to get out and roam all around the shop, but grown-up customers often get the urge to climb into one of the chairs for their trim.

  1. Stephen says: May 18, 20113:10 am

    My wriggly nephew would love that.

  2. qyooqy says: May 18, 20112:20 pm

    Kidz Kutz does this. They have airplanes, motorcycles and cars.

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