This Novel Martin House Is Built to Resemble Zeppelin (May, 1930)

This Novel Martin House Is Built to Resemble Zeppelin

Edited by A. NEELY HALL

BIRDS ought to appreciate this latest design in apartment houses, built to resemble a Zeppelin. To make it, secure nine pieces of one-inch white pine and saw them into 10-sided partitions as shown in the drawing below, the middle partition being 12-1/2 inches in diameter and the others tapering down to 6 inches. A 3/8-inch hole is bored in the center of the pieces, which are then spaced equidistant along a bolt feet long. Central partitions and nest trays are installed as shown. Front and rear tips of the house are shaped from solid wood, and the fins from thin boards fastened to the ship with screws. Narrow pieces of tin, hinged at one end, are placed over each apartment; these may be lifted up for cleaning out the interior. Canvas is used to cover the Zeppelin. Pieces of strap iron projecting through the apartments serve as supports for wooden porches. The Zeppelin engines are made of large spools with the ends streamlined, and propellers shaped out of tin. A coat of aluminum paint applied over two or three coats of outside varnish finishes off this house.

  1. Hirudinea says: October 17, 20119:49 am

    “Do you smelled fried chicken?”


  2. Rick s. says: October 17, 201112:13 pm

    I’ll bet that the birds will just LOVE those spinning silver propellers!


  3. Jari says: October 17, 20112:18 pm

    “What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen martin?” …wait…that doesn’t sound right….

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