This certainly wouldn’t have any problem landing in the Hudson…


BLOW it up and then fly it. That’s all there is to taking off with the new Inflatoplane developed by Goodyear Aircraft Corp. Deflated, the plane can be carried in the back of a station wagon. Wing, tail, assembly and pilot’s seat are made of Airmat—joined layers of inflatable rubber-coated nylon fabric.

The rubber craft can be pumped up in a few minutes and requires less air pressure than is used in four auto tires. A two-cycle, 40-hp engine mounted above the wing powers the little ship, which requires more than 300 ft. to take off. It is said to have a lot of bounce to the ounce.

  1. MrG says: January 18, 20099:43 am

    During the Vietnam war the US designed an ejection seat that would inflate into a little jet-powered airplane. Alas I don’t know the details or why they decided not to field it. Cheers, MrG, http://gvgpd.proboards….

  2. Jari says: January 19, 20092:45 pm

    Wiley Coyote + cactuses (cacti?) + this = hilarity. The headline says it all. An interesting idea, but as my bike’s tire blows approx every 2-4 year, I wouldn’t feel safe in this… Would it have an emergency patching kit and a pump as a standard, or would they be extra?


  3. Rick says: January 19, 20095:51 pm

    At first I thought that Goodyear had designed this to perhaps fulfill the dream of the 30s and 40s that everyone would have his own plane as well as a car by the latter half of the 20th century. Still, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to buy one of these things. And then I noticed the military insignia on the fusilage in picture 3 on the bottom of the page. I wonder how much they got from the defense dept. to design this?


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