Three-Hole Paper Punch Debut (Apr, 1940)

Three-Hole Paper Punch
Three correctly spaced holes can be cut at the same time in paper used for loose-leaf folders or notebooks, by means of a compact hand punch now available. Used as shown below, the punch fits easily into a briefcase or desk drawer.

  1. Boing Boing says: September 6, 200612:58 pm

    Three-hole punch debut, April 1940…

    In April, 1940, Popular Science ran this little blurb on a novel invetion: The three-hold punch (“Three correctly spaced holes can be cut at the same time in paper used for loose-leaf folders or notebooks”). Link……

  2. Synthstuff - music, photography and more... says: September 6, 200610:28 pm

    A nifty new invention…

    From Modern Mechanix, we get this page scan of the April 1940 issue of Popular Science and their announcement of a nifty new tool: Gotta get one! And that issue has a great cover:……

  3. links for 2006-09-11 | 43 Folders says: September 11, 20064:28 pm

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  5. Anne says: April 7, 200811:10 am

    You’d think that the 3-hole punch and notebooks would’ve been invented at (relatively) the same time…

  6. […] Mechanix marks the debut of the 3 hole punch to 1940 via an old ad, but I noticed Wikipedia says the first patent was in 1866 by a German […]

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