Three In Family Blow Glass (Feb, 1938)

Little Dick Manley’s father, Dick Manley is the guy who gets a kick out of imprisoning cute little kittens in glass spheres.

Three In Family Blow Glass
A STREET shop in Los Angeles, Calif., displays glass-blown decorative objects created by three generations of artisans— father, daughter and grandson. The grandson, Dick Manley, is only ten years old, but already has four years of glass blowing experience to his credit. Together, they have created an interesting exhibit of the glass-blowers’ art which includes objects such as sailing ships, airplanes, animals, candle holders, flowers, trees etc.

  1. Caya says: June 6, 200711:00 am

    Isn’t the thing about glass-blowing, that if you breath in, you destroy your lungs and die a horrible painful death? I guess I better google that-

  2. Blurgle says: June 7, 20077:33 am

    Dick Manley?


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