Three Wheel Race Car (Dec, 1947)

Three Wheel race car can lean on curves. Built by Ernst Neumann Neander, pictured here, of Rolsdorf, Germany, the car has springs that tip with driver’s weight. To stop, you pull up on the steering wheel.

  1. Neil Russell says: August 11, 20086:51 am

    It only took Mercedes 50 years to duplicate this…

  2. StanFlouride says: August 11, 20087:28 am

    Ernst Neumann Neander was a famous motorcycle producer, mostly racing bike which dominated in the 1930s.

  3. Tracy B. says: August 11, 20081:07 pm

    Does this mean his products are neanderthal?

  4. Torgo says: August 11, 20086:23 pm

    I want one.

  5. Thundercat says: August 11, 20089:01 pm

    GM had something very similar called the Lean Machine which was on display in Epcot Center for many years.…

  6. Tracy B. says: August 12, 200812:39 pm

    Here is the very latest:

  7. Wade George says: August 16, 20083:06 pm

    Try the bombardier spyder or the piaggio mp3,they’re pretty similar.

  8. Nanuk says: August 16, 20083:20 pm

    Recently, from Piaggio (the italian company):

    And, with the classic distribution (one wheel from and two back) the extraordinary Caver One:

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