Three-Wheeled Midget Car Built in Spare Time (Nov, 1938)

Three-Wheeled Midget Car Built in Spare Time
In his spare time, stretched over eighteen months, a Californian built a three-wheeled midget automobile that has traveled sixty-eight miles an hour. It has a front wheel drive and rear wheel steering, and covers as much as forty to forty-two miles per gallon. There are buttons on the windshield for attaching a top.

  1. RJ says: August 21, 200711:16 am

    That really caught my eye. You wouldn’t happen to have the complete how-to article, would you? A homebuilt micro-car would be a fun project.

    Of course, if the article is still under copyright, I understand.

  2. Charlie says: August 21, 200711:17 am

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any plans on how to build this one. Sorry.

  3. RJ says: August 21, 20071:44 pm

    Ah well. The photos are still good, and give me some ideas. 🙂

  4. beaglebot says: August 27, 20076:53 pm

    If you’re looking for plans there is at least one set in the Popular Mechanics do-it-yourself encyclopedia. I got my set at a garage sale but I see them in used bookstores all the time

  5. 4reyes says: December 15, 20087:02 pm

    Tree wheels is unique but i you have that of this kind of year is so ugly.You know why it because you are going be different car.

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