THRILL with Young America (Jun, 1949) (Jun, 1949)

THRILL with Young America


Dodge gives you the first new Sports Roadster… a new value-packed 2-door Sedan… a new 3-passenger Coupe… for just a few dollars more than the lowest priced cars.

You’ll have to see it to believe it! Even then, you’ll wonder how the exciting new Dodge Wayfarer can be priced so low.

You’ll see how Dodge “functional styling” gives new basic beauty… new roominess inside with less bulk outside!

You’ll be amazed at Dodge Wayfarer performance, too. In traffic, you’ll find the Wayfarer just as eager and just as

nimble as a polo pony—because of its 115″ wheelbase and more powerful “Get-Away” Engine. And there’s the thrilling smoothness of Dodge gyrol Fluid Drive… smoother starts and stops… smoother driving mile after mile.

See the new, lower-priced Wayfarer… every inch a rugged, dependable Dodge. One look… one ride will tell you here is the car that gives more for your money today.

The New Lower Priced

DODGE Wayfarer

With gyrol FLUID DRIVE

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