Throw away your physics! (Mar, 1922)

Throw away your physics!


Constipation is a crime! Many a person has paid the extreme penalty by allowing their systems to be clogged or by poisoning themselves with harmful, habit-forming drugs.

Correct your constipation from the kitchen cabinet, not the medicine chest.

Go to your medicine cabinet and dump all those physics, laxatives, cathartics, oils, mineral waters, etc., into the ash can.

They do more harm than good.

They are violent and harmful, giving only temporary relief.

The Perfect Corrective!

CALIFORNIA FIG – NUTS AGAR is the perfect corrective.

It is first, last and always a FOOD—and can in no way be classed as a drug or medicine.

It is composed of the most vital, health-giving products of Nature—figs, nuts, whole wheat and agar-agar.

The figs, nuts and whole wheat contain all the blood-producing, body-building elements required for a nutritious, nourishing food. This scientific combination is dextrinized, which makes for easy, digestibility and assimilation.

The addition of agar-agar supplies to CALIFORNIA FIG-NUTS AGAR that element which makes them an efficient corrective.

What Is Agar-Agar?

Agar-agar is a marine algae— sea gelatine—tasteless, colorless —and in no sense a habit-forming drug. It is non-irritant.

While passing through the stomach and bowels it will absorb twenty times its weight and five times its bulk in water drawn from the fluids of the stomach. While passing through the entire intestinal tract in the form of semi-solid gelatinous granules, it gives great aid to sluggish muscles, lubricates the walls of the intestines, increases the peristaltic action and carries the moisture to the lower bowel, thereby softening the stool and furnishing a very easy, thorough cleansing.

Unlike purgatives, cathartics or other artificial means. They have no tendency to weaken or irritate and the results are soothing and permanent.

As it goes through the body it thoroughly cleans the walls of the intestines and bowels—carrying all the waste matter into the colon for easy elimination.

A dish of CALIFORNIA FIG-NUTS AGAR eaten once or twice a day, will relieve the most chronic case of constipation.

By the regular use of this wholesome, nutritious food, you are protected from the many ills

arising from constipation. It will keep your system clean and sweet. It will sponge out all the poisons — help digestion — and bring health to your body.

Invalids, convalescents, chronic dyspeptics, children and even babies can be fed Fig-Nuts Agar with equally satisfactory results.

Its delicious tempting brown granules have a most distinctive flavor. Crisp and wholesome— ready to serve out of the package at any time during the day. If you prefer, Fig-Nuts Agar may be made into a variety of delightful dishes for breakfast, luncheon or dinner.

Fig-Nuts Agar is a natural food that helps nature in her healing processes. If you have a poor digestion—a weak stomach—disorders of the alimentary canal or the intestines—if you suffer from gastritis or chronic constipation—Fig – Nuts Agar will aid you in dispelling the CAUSE of your disorder. Used as a daily diet the results are almost immediate. It corrects the habit of constipation and brings about a normal healthy condition in the intestines. Thousands of men, women and children all over the country eat at least one meal of Fig-Nuts Agar every day. They have used it in correcting subnormal conditions—and now it is their daily safeguard against disease.

Try a Can At Our Expense Use the coupon below. Get only two cans of this wonderful health-food and see how quickly you will note its benefits. Use is the most convincing proof we can offer. After you have used one can, if you are not more than pleased with Fig-Nuts Agar your money will be refunded without question. Simply return the full can and your money will be sent to you at once.

We are willing to make this offer because we know that Fig-Nuts Agar will do all and more than we claim for it. Used and recommended by leading dietitians. We have on file letters from thousands of satisfied users all over America. Take advantage of our liberal trial offer today and let Fig-Nuts Agar help you dispel the cause of your disorders.


Fig-Nuts Agar surely does the work. I have thrown away cathartic pills and drugs, I trust forever.
-S. E. R., Greenville, Ohio.

I am more than pleased with the results of . Fig-Nuts Agar. It has, in the short time I have used it, done more for me than anything else I have ever tried.
Mrs. W. H. B.
Haddonfield, N.J.

I have used the two cans you sent and find Fig-Nuts Agar a wonderful medicine as well as a food. I have abandoned all the pills, and cathartics, and feel much better.
Miss J. N.
Fillmore, California

I think that Fig-Nuts Agar, is the most wonderful thing for chronic constipation. I have used all kinds of medicine but never got such wonderful results.
H. P.
Everson, Washington.

I have been a chronic sufferer from constipation for twenty years. With great pleasure I beg to say, since I have been eating California Fig-Nuts Agar, without the aid of pills or wafers my movements have been regular and natural.
J. A.
Los Angeles, California.

I have been troubled with constipation for a number of years, but I am improving wonderfully with the use of Fig-Nuts Agar.
F. R. B.
Cleveland, Ohio.

Have obtained extraordinary results in a case of long standing constipation and other chronic ailments.
Mrs. W. H. S.
Kentfield, California.

For years my wife has been a constant user of some sort of pills. When the Fig-Nuts Agar arrived I had her take the first portion at 3 o’clock P.M. When bed time came she wanted to take her pill as usual and I forbid and she has not needed a pill since.
D. S.
East Granada, California.

527 West Chapman Street

  1. Firebrand38 says: January 26, 201112:07 pm

    physic is an out of use term for cathartic (agent for purging the bowels).


  2. Kosher Ham says: January 26, 201112:20 pm

    So you take this nostrum and your problems will pass?

  3. Toronto says: January 26, 201112:41 pm

    I’m just glad I wasn’t in Cleveland in 1922 when FRB’s several years worth of constipation passed all at once.

  4. Jari says: January 26, 20111:53 pm

    No, no, no, this is humbug. Bloodletting cures everything.

  5. jayessell says: January 26, 20112:29 pm

    Whch physics can I throw away to get antigravity and flaster-than-light starships?

  6. Toronto says: January 26, 20112:42 pm

    I’m not sure about the gravity, but FTL underwear is commonly available.

  7. spacecoyote says: January 26, 20119:23 pm

    Just looks like some high-fiber cereal to me.

  8. Firebrand38 says: January 26, 201110:15 pm

    Partly correct. More seaweed than a cereal grain……

  9. GaryM says: January 27, 201110:05 am

    The basic point of the ad is valid: Eating high-fiber foods is much better than regularly dosing oneself with laxatives. Naturally, they’re saying it should be _their_ high-fiber food, but that’s what ads are for.

  10. Michael, N5RLR says: January 29, 20113:38 pm

    “Ye canna’ change th’ laws o’ physics!” — Commander Montgomery Scott

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