Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers (May, 1938)

Yeah, because that will work better than just adding a flange.

Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers

EQUIPPED with a self-tilting mechanism, this ash tray makes it impossible for a cigarette to burn down so short that the weight of the over-hanging end causes the cigarette to over-balance and fall off the tray and burn the table or rug. If the cigarette is allowed to burn for any length of time while on the rest, its heat causes a spring within the tray to expand and tilt, thus dumping the burning butt into the tray. This tray in use eliminates not only the danger of damaging furniture as the result of forgotten cigarettes, but the possibility of fire from the same cause.

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  1. David Brodbeck says: January 4, 20107:24 pm

    That rear-engine go-kart on the cover appears to be powered by a Maytag washing machine engine.

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