Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home (Dec, 1924)

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Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home

Worn over the Night Clothing, Chamois-Lined Sleeping Robes for Children or Adults Have Draw Cord at the Bottom and Adjustable Hoods, Protecting Head, Feet and Shoulders and Eliminating Heavy Bedding

No Danger of Getting Salt in the Ice Cream with This Rapid Labor-Saving Freezer That Stops Automatically When Contents Are Ready

Fitting Closely against Wall When Not in Use, a Collapsible Shoe-Shining Stand Has Holders for Polish, a Hook for Brush and Whiskbroom, and Rag That Works on Rollers; Below, Handy Electric Double Boiler Is Also Suitable for Serving Foods at Table

This Stout Rubber-Tired Baby Cart, Weighing Less than Seven Pounds, Folds Up Flat and Can Be Used Indoors Too

With Fluid Held in Top Compartment and Released by Pressure on Valve, This Strong-Bristled Brush Thoroughly Cleans Clothing at Home

For Cleaning Furniture, Curtains, Walls. Automobiles and Almost Any Part of the House, This Novel Portable Vacuum Cleaner That Connects to a Light Socket Is Practical and Effective

Gripped Firmly by a Rubber Disk in This Collapsible Holder, Glasses on Trains, Automobiles or Ships Are Kept from Rattling and Breaking

Little Folks Have Fun and Healthful Exercise with a Small Seesaw with Strong Seat and Springs at One End That One Child Operates with Handle; Below Is Can Opener That Cuts Round Holes of Various Sizes in Square or Cylindrical Cans

Dressing Table, Shelves and Drawers, and Storage Space for Linen and Other Articles, Are Combined in Handsome, Sanitary Cabinet for the Bathroom

Slippery Milk Bottles of Any Size Are Carried as Easily as Pails with This Simple Collar-and-Chain Arrangement on the Bottle Neck

  1. Stannous says: April 26, 200710:40 am

    Some things are still around-
    the hotplate, the cup-holder and
    the baby cart is prescient but weighs much less than today’s models (lightweight-11lbs- Aprica-27lbs!)
    The one-kid seesaw is sort of an early doorway bouncer, no?
    The soap-dispensing brush is not unlike the one I use for my dishes.
    But that first item-
    Image the laughs that ensue when, wearing the sleeping robes, you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Fun times for your spouse!

  2. Blurgle says: April 28, 20077:54 am

    Don’t laugh, Stannous: JC Penney used to sell sleeping robes very similar to that in their fall and winter catalog. They zipped, though, instead of having a drawstring.

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