Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home (Oct, 1924)

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Time and Money-Saving Tools for Woman’s Workshop in Home

Little Ice Factory at Right May Be Run by Hand or Small Motor and Will Freeze a Two-Pound Block in Ten Minutes

Pretty Effects in Plants and Attractive Combinations of Blossoms Are Possible at Little Expense with a Unique Four-Way Flowerpot, an Ordinary Hollow Tile Set in a Saucer

Putting Up the Curtain Rods Is Easy if They Are This Style—Flat, Adjustable and with Holes in the Ends That Slip into Little Hook Brackets

In This Compact and Complete Electric Range, the Current Is Turned On or Off by Clockwork to Save Waste and Watching Foods over Hot Stove

Twin Shoe-Trees Keep Pairs Together and Are Easily Hung Up; Below, Folding Card Table, like Umbrella, for Outdoor Use

There Is Nearly a Whole Kitchen in Cabinet Below, Which Combines Stove, Ice Box, Drawers, Shelves and Table and Shuts Up like Chiffonier

Peeling Vegetables, Scaling Fish and Like Operations Are Quickly and Economically Done with Oval Scraper Fitted to Finger

Above, Potato Press Mashes and Flakes Them with Their Jackets On and Squeezes Other Vegetables. Right, Putting in a New Chair Seat Is the Work of a Moment with Upholstered Bottom That Is Attached to Frame by a Crossbar and Two Screws

For One or Two – Room Apartments, Portable Cabinet with Extension Dining Table and Benches besides Drawers and Shelves, Saves Space and Need-less Steps; When Meals Are Cleared Away, Seats and Table Are Pushed Back

Any Chair Is Converted Quickly into a High Chair with Folding Canvas Seat. It Is Attached by Covered Hooks That Cannot Scratch, the Furniture; Below, Beater and Mixer Run by Water Faucet

Waiters Are Not So Likely to Finger Forks and Spoons Carelessly When Distinct Bolster or Shoulder Separates Handle from Bowl

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  1. Stannous says: February 26, 20076:28 pm

    Of all of these, only the potato ricer/masher is still available in the same form.

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