Tiny Camera Is Built under Lens with Jewelers’ Tools (Dec, 1924)

Tiny Camera Is Built under Lens with Jewelers’ Tools

Requiring the use of jewelers’ tools and magnifying glasses in its construction, a miniature camera with parts that work, and less than an inch in length, has been made for the royal doll house of the queen of England. Three months’ continuous work by experts was necessary to complete the tiny instrument. All pieces were formed by hand and carefully checked with larger cameras to insure accurate shape. The lens is a minute disk of crystal, and the shutter may be operated the same as in the real article. A small pencil for autographing is provided in a holder on the back. The bellows can be easily opened out and folded for inserting the camera in a carrying case which has been furnished to fit it. An album, neatly bound and decorated, is also part of the pygmy photographic outfit.

  1. Stannous says: April 29, 20079:14 am

    I was hoping to find a link to pictures of Queen Anne’s Dollhouse, the huge and amazingly elaborate dollhouse at Windsor Castle.
    It has 1000’s of books, 4 working Rolls Royce limousines, a miniature doll house, gas lamps, running water.
    There’s a pic from Natl Gep mag here:

  2. Miniature cameras « The Sun Will Shine Again says: November 10, 20079:42 am

    […] Here’s a super tiny camera i found on the net.. […]

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