Tiny Car Does Big Job (Mar, 1948)

Tiny Car Does Big Job

ONE answer to a shopper’s prayers is this miniature, two-person convertible, called the Towne Shopper, soon to be produced by the newly formed International Motor Car Co. Designed for economy, it is priced at $595 f.o.b. San Diego and promises 45 to 50 miles to the gallon at speeds up to 50 m.p.h.

Made largely of aluminum, the flashy little coupe weighs only 600 pounds, is less than 10 feet long, providing easy maneuverability. The compact two-cylinder Onan engine, squeezed under the stub hood in the rear, leaves the larger space in the front for storing groceries or baggage. White wall tires, a radio with aerial, and a folding top add the luxury touch.

  1. Stannous says: April 23, 200710:57 am

    What’s the cover story? (I’m afraid that it might happen to me before I find out)

  2. Charlie says: April 23, 200711:08 am

    I’ll post it when I get a chance. It’s about driving safely. The image is just hyperbole. It’s something like running into a wall at 55 mph is equivalent to falling off a 10 story building.

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