Tiny ‘Goliath’, Three-Wheel Vest Pocket Car, Makes Hit (Jul, 1931)

Tiny ‘Goliath’, Three-Wheel Vest Pocket Car, Makes Hit

DAY by day, in every way, small motor cars seem to be getting smaller and smaller. The latest in the way of diminutive autos comes from Germany, and is a vest-pocket machine so small that the German government exempts it from a motor vehicle tax.

Selling for $355, the new auto is a three-wheeled affair, and is large enough to carry two large or three small passengers without uncomfortable crowding. Passengers alight directly on the curb, unassisted by the customary running board.

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  1. Hirudinea says: October 5, 20123:42 pm

    Sure it’s small, but there’s no way you could fit that in your vest pocket!

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