Of course you probably have to plug this thing in to actually use it. I doubt they managed to cram batteries in there.

A radio built into a cigarette case was a novelty exhibited at a recent British radio exposition. The miniature receiver employs a single tube —one of the smallest in the world— and has a pair of midget tuning dials. Only half the thickness of the case is occupied by the set, ample room remaining for about a dozen cigarettes. The radio is turned on or off by means of a knob at the outer edge of the case, which is shown open in the accompanying photograph to reveal the compact units of the midget receiver.

  1. mrchurchill109 says: August 20, 20079:32 am

    Re: Batteries: No reason they couldn’t. The power usage on something like that would have been minimal – the HV (22.5 v or so likely) would have been about the size of a 9V battery, and a penlight cell would have served the filament.

    I’ve seen devices of that size that were self-powered – with only 1 tube no reason for huge batteries.


  2. Blurgle says: August 21, 20071:22 am

    Did they have 9V and AA batteries in 1935, though? It looks far too small for D batteries.

  3. mrchurchill109 says: August 21, 20073:49 am

    Yes. I was using those sizes as an example, they wouldn’t be using those specific items.

    If you look in an electronics/electrical supply catalogue of the time the number and sizes of batteries was simply staggering. There are literally pages and pages of them, each suited for a specific purpose.

    The energy densities of cells at the time would have been low, but again we’re only powering one lousy tube here…8*)

  4. Adrian says: August 24, 20072:56 pm

    In my younger days they made batteries to fit the equipment (which led to a multitude of different types/voltages) as mrchurchill points out.
    Nowadays of course, the equipment is made to accommodate one of a limited choice of sizes.

    Although I note with some mobile phones and cameras we seem to have come full circle with own make rechargeables.

  5. NikFromNYC says: January 12, 20084:08 pm

    In about 1975 I bought a cheap, chewing gum sized VERY HIGH AUDIO QUALITY FM radio with lightweight headphones. It sounded better than my iPod does now, mostly due to the good base. Twenty years later, trying to shop for a jogging radio for my gal, there was nothing comparable. The smallest SONY was like a fattened up weirdly curved iPod with a velcro strap to embarrassingly display the yellow (brand color for rain-resistant “sport” those days) monstrosity on your arm. iPods still have no FM radio in them, even though they’ve been available on a single pinky nail chip for years now.

  6. KHarn says: March 9, 200810:10 am

    “We’ve developed a radio that fits in your cigarette case, 007.”

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