Tiny Typewriter (Feb, 1954)

Tiny Typewriter
Built in Germany, a new typewriter is so small the operator can hold it on his lap during use. The midget machine fits in a case about the size of an ordinary briefcase. The case also holds stationery and other writing equipment.

  1. fluffy says: February 19, 20088:58 am

    Yes, but does it have WiFi?

  2. Casandro says: February 19, 200810:17 am

    Back then the wireless network was named Modacom. It was X.25 based and connected to the public X.25 network named Datex-P.

  3. Blurgle says: February 19, 200810:28 am

    “His” lap?

  4. Latente says: February 22, 20088:49 am

    mhhhh looks like an Italian Olivetti lettera 22 (fist model 1949)

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