Tires Piled Up 150 Feet High Sell Them Quickly (Apr, 1933)

Tires Piled Up 150 Feet High Sell Them Quickly

TO ATTRACT attention, a Hollywood garage owner who had a large stock of used tires he wanted to dispose of stacked up a couple of hundred of them and put a life-like dummy on the top.

The stunt got results. While waiting to see if the stack would fall, an astonishingly large number of people bought tires, bringing the depression to an end as far as the tire dealer was concerned.

The secret of the stacking lies in the telegraph pole running up through the center, thus holding the column vertical. In the accompanying photograph the dummy is seen atop the tires which were piled over 150 feet in height. Most spectators actually believed the dummy was real; and wondered how he got there. There’s a hint in this spectacle for other tire dealers in like predicament.

  1. rick says: March 14, 20089:15 am

    A spectacle is great for selling religions. Why not car tires?

  2. Bob says: March 14, 200810:29 am

    Works for politics too, or is that religion also?

  3. Stannous says: March 14, 200812:26 pm

    There’s only 139 tires there. That’s no 150 feet unless they’re drag racing slicks.
    The tires of a 1933 Mack truck are about 6.5 inches wide, a 1933 Ford about 5 inches.
    Allowing for about a 50/50 split that’s 54 feet which, judging by the size of the tow truck on the right, is about right.

  4. Charlie says: March 14, 20081:40 pm

    Stannous » I definitely think a letter to the editor is in order!

  5. jayessell says: March 14, 20084:14 pm

    Dear Editor:
    I am writing to you from the year 2008 and I wish to comment on the photo of stacked tires…….

  6. Charlie says: March 14, 20084:19 pm

    Damn liberal media bias!

  7. Mike Brisendine says: March 14, 20086:10 pm

    “The secret of the stacking lies in the telegraph pole running up through the center, thus holding the column vertical.”

    At 150 feet, that would be some telephone pole!

  8. Justin says: March 15, 20086:03 pm

    Hmm, they must have meant One fifty feet. As in one set of fifty feet. lol

  9. Kent says: March 15, 20088:02 pm

    Some call it art!


  10. Jim says: September 11, 20086:33 am

    In highschool a graduating senior class stacked 80 tires (class of 1980) over the school flagpole one night. The method was the fun part – they used the flagpole’s ropes for the flag to pull a skinny guy to the top. He clipped on to the top of the pole, and then they used the same rope to hoist the tires to him one by one. As they got to the top, he slid them over the pole and his body so he wouldn’t need to unclip. He even sat at the top alone & silent as everyone else hid during the security guard’s rounds.

    Our class (1981) did better – we attached 81 donated bras (great donation party!!!) to the flagpole rope, and put up a giant banner proclaiming “The Class of ’81 Leaves Its Support!”

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