Todays man-about -the-world heads for gay South America (Mar, 1958)

Todays man-about -the-world heads for gay South America

A new day has dawned in travel. People who’ve been everywhere now talk of South America’s cities, scenery and lavish hotels—where dollars go a long, long way.

Lowest fares yet! For 30% off regular fares, you can go ’round South America on a gay 28-day pre-planned tour. $989 from New York, includes hotel rooms, local sightseeing, and you fly El Pacifico DC-6Bs. For slightly more, you can fly El Inter Americano DC-7s. Both have radar, fly daily over the routes of National, Pan Am and Panagra. Call your Travel Agent or Pan American, Sales Agent for—


  1. Tom says: May 13, 20119:52 am

    Never knew that South America was a destination for gay guys. With beautiful beaches ,skimpy swimwear, and Carnivals I guess it makes sense.

  2. John says: May 13, 201110:49 am

    Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah making fun of previous use of the word “gay” as in this movie review for 1945’s “Anchors Away” as a “Gay Musical Film, With Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Miss Grayson”. Oh I know, how about the 1949 “On The Town”? That had a trailer that ended with the promise “Twice As Gay As Anchors Aweigh”.

    What a knee slapper.

  3. Charlene says: May 13, 201112:19 pm

    Twenty years later most of those countries were despotic dictatorships where people lived in fear and terror.

  4. David says: May 13, 20112:13 pm

    Actually South America’s become quite progressive on gay rights. See…

  5. Hirudinea says: May 13, 20113:37 pm

    Amazing how the language has changed in 50 years, unless they’re talking about Barrio Norte and Rua Farme de Amoedo. (I love wikipedia!)

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