tomorrow’s computer here today… (Apr, 1978)

tomorrow’s computer here today…

the bytemaster

only from the Digital Group

Digital tape based starts at $1995 kit. Delivery within 60 days.

Digital Group

P.O. Box 6528 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 777-7133

  1. Stephen says: July 7, 20113:48 am

    It seems that this was the last fling of a dying company, and hardly any of these were sold:…

  2. Hirudinea says: July 7, 20111:34 pm

    The delivery takes 60 days because the thing weighs so damn much.

  3. Charlene says: July 7, 20112:14 pm

    That issue of Interface age is just the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: July 7, 20113:18 pm

    @Hirudinea: When I saw the ad, it looked like a “luggable” (like the old Kaypro CP/M boxes) – but then I went to the link Stephen provided…I’m not sure if that’s false advertising, but it sure seemed deceptive! Even so – I would love to have the collection that guy at the link Stephen posted has! Heck, if I could only have the ADM terminal, I’d be happy (LOL).

  5. Christoph says: July 7, 20115:50 pm

    No specs?!?!? Why would anyone buy a computer that has no specs?!??!

  6. carlm says: July 8, 201112:30 am

    Bytemaster. Sounds painful. No wonder they didn’t sell.

  7. T Herling says: July 8, 20118:39 am

    At $1995 in 1978, that’s about $6000 today. And that’s the “starts at” price.

  8. John Savard says: July 8, 20119:27 pm

    Specs weren’t needed. At that time, there was only one kind of computer it could be: an S-100 bus system with an 8080 processor. In any case, since $1,995 was the “starts at” price, they would have had to contact the company for more information before ordering, to purchase such optional extras as a video card for that CRT in the case.

  9. Christoph says: July 9, 20119:29 pm

    Fascinating, almost like what i imagine soviet communism must have been like. You vaant komputer? Zies is only model!

  10. lwatcdr says: July 10, 20114:32 pm

    Not to different than today. Your computer will have an X86 and Windows with how ever much ram and HD and what video card you want.

  11. Har says: July 22, 20117:57 pm

    The keyboard was bulky.

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