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Left: This layout, planned by Youngstown Kitchens, makes most of available space, gives the homemaker all the conveniences she could want. Note the variety of steel cabinets, waist-high oven built into wall.

Right: Westinghouse “Cinnamon” kitchen is designed for large family. For $7.50, the company will supply blueprints from which a contractor can duplicate it. Prints for 3 other kitchens are available at $6 each.

Left: Island arrangement in General Electric kitchen includes range with overhead vent. lust about any space and functional requirement can be met with the selection of single and combination units available.

The Frigidaire kitchen. Electric range with French doors is shown at left; mixing center, dishwasher, sink, built-in refrigerator and air conditioner are at rear; automatic laundry is at right. Dining area at left features planning desk and a fold-away sewing center.

Base cabinet in Kelvinator line permits ready-to-use storage of electric food mixer.

A natural wood finish is popular in cabinets. (Brammer Mfg. Co.. Davenport, Iowa).

Accessory featured by American Kitchens is a slide-out flour or sugar dispenser.

translucent ceiling panels give even light distribution. (Plax Corp.. Hartford. Conn.).

Crosley four-unit cooking top fits 30-in. cabinet; utensils care stored just below.

Hard maple cutting top is convenient between oven and range. (American Kitchens).

Bin-type clothes hamper is installed next to automatic washer in Frigidaire kitchen.

Frigidaire’s 24-in. surface cooking unit is built in. folds back when counter is needed.

Roomy breadbox by American Kitchens has a sliding rack for biscuits, cupcakes, etc.

G.E. has range, dishwasher, Disposall and washer-dryer under one stainless steel top.

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