Too Much Nudism Is the Bunk (Feb, 1933)

Too Much Nudism Is the Bunk

ARGUMENTS for last summer’s fad of nudism based on the theory that the absence of clothes is good for health, are exploded editorially in the New York City medical periodical, American Medicine. Reasonable exposure of the skin to air, sunlight and the water of rivers or the sea has full medical support. Old-fashioned heavy and impervious clothing was condemned long before modern ideas of nudism were thought of. The point made by the medical editors is merely that it is not necessary to expose all of the body to air or sunlight or to expose it all of the time. The authorities are skeptical also of the moral and mental benefits claimed for nudism.

  1. Alan J. Richer says: February 19, 20085:53 am

    Considering how bad many people look even clothed, perhaps they’re right about the psychological damage that can be caused (to other people) by nudism…

  2. Knight says: March 10, 20084:15 pm

    Ok…Ill just take that as a joke, Alan…

    Seriously now, what the hell is their problem with nudism? It goes ok until almost the end, but then…”crash!”. Its not needed to expose all the body, of course, but why is it needed to be clothed?

    Then it comes the morality thing…
    Is it immoral when someone goes take a bath or drops the pants at the toilet? What is there to be immoral in someone naked?
    Nudists dont make such noise about a naked body, but textiles do. When nudists look at a naked body they think about “nature”, when textiles look at a naked body they think about “sex”. Who are the biggest perverts?

    Id like also if someone could translate “authorities”. By authorities I remember political entities, and by that, I do NOT remember experts in sociology / psychology or in health. I dont think politics know what is moral or not, or what does have mental benefits or not.

    Im not a nudist myself, but Id like to be. Too bad I live in a textile environment…

    But now to conclude, I was raised in a textile family, learned that someone shouldnt be naked in the front of others. Not long ago, I realised that those teachings had not any solid arguments.

    Before talking anything about nudism, please search about what nudism really is. Those authorities know nothing about it. They dont have a self-opinion: society brain-washed them.

    I’m sorry if I looked aggressive, thats not the nudists’ personality,but I said im not a fully nudist, yet, and the humanity ignorance is sick.
    Also I’m sorry for my english, its not my native language.

  3. Wade George says: March 25, 20086:54 pm

    Up with nudism, down with pants!

  4. Brian says: June 21, 200810:14 am

    I am a nudist and the article is a bit two-faced, in my opinion. The article is written by someone that is not an authority on anything, especially nudism/naturism, and only writes what others tell him/her. “Athorities” is a pretty general title for one that is an authority in one profession or another and does not necessarily mean they know what they are talking about in an area outside the scope of their profession. Once a person takes the step into nudism and lays in the sun nude, swims nude, or performs any kind of activity without clothing, they wonder why they didn’t start it sooner. I personally can’t stand swimming with a suit on and if I have to wear something, it’s as little as I can get away with. I have even gone swimming nude in hotel pools when I was sure noone was around that I might offend (textiles are funny that way). Being nude is a “state of being” that has more benificial mental and physical healings than any textile will ever know….all in the name of modesty.

  5. Odon says: July 17, 200810:48 am

    I suspect that proponents of nudism at the time, like any new fad (especially one that had to overcome social prejudice) made exaggerated claims for its supposed health benefits and that’s what the writer is reacting against. But given the lack of detail in the article it’s impossible to say.

  6. Matt McClimans says: January 7, 200912:56 pm

    I like the wind beneth my cheeks. It is relaxing esp.. if you have gas if you know what I mean. If you aren’t nude you’re a prude.

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