Tourists Carry Swimming Pool (Nov, 1928)

Tourists Carry Swimming Pool
SUMMER camps are equipping themselves with the latest luxury for auto tourists in the shape of swimming pools which can be erected anywhere, ready for use when filled with water. The portable pool, which looks like a giant horse-trough, is manufactured of waterproof fabric stout enough to resist the water pressure. Light metal buttresses are used to support the sides of the tank. It is possible to swim in the heart of a desert if this tank and enough water to fill it is carried along.

  1. Myles says: October 20, 20085:03 pm

    How deep is that pool? Either this is a fake photo (probably as the swimmers appear to be standing) or that pool is about 40 feet deep. A lot of water for the desert.

  2. John M. Hanna says: October 20, 200810:37 pm

    That pool looks like it would take half a day to set up. You’d be ready for a cool, refreshing dip after putting that thing together.

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