Toys from Discarded Lamp Bulbs (Nov, 1928)

Toys from Discarded Lamp Bulbs

Spectacular Fireworks Amuse and delight the kiddies by hooking a lamp in which the filament has been broken in circuit with a spark coil. Brilliant, weird, light results.

Gravity Experiment To prove that cold air weighs more than warm, heat the air in one of two carefully balanced bulbs from which the tips have been broken. The cold end will sink.

Spouting Fountain Hold a lamp under the water and break the tip off. A tinkling rush of water will spout into the bulb until the vacuum has been replaced with liquid. If you want a surprise, try this with ginger ale!

South Sea Sailboat By binding three bulbs together a craft can be readily improvised after the manner of a catamaran, which will sail well and please the youngsters.

Solving the problem of what to do with old bulbs!

  1. Al Bear says: April 19, 20089:05 am

    I really like number #2. I think I’ll make a better one, I’ll get 3 dozen 8 FT. flourescent tubes and tape em together.

  2. Neil Russell says: April 19, 200810:35 am

    “Solving the problem of what to do with old bulbs!”

    Life before the invention of the trash can must have been a real nightmare. Rooms filled with dead light bulbs, empty bean cans, and old kerosene containers had to have been horrible to navigate.

  3. JDT says: January 4, 20105:46 pm

    Too bad bulbs now use inert gas and not vacuum…

  4. darren says: November 17, 20108:12 pm

    What can we give the kids to play? I know, garbage! It’s cheap, there’s always garbage around and it gives those little minds something to work on to try and make a game out of it. Why go to Disneyland when you have the local dump.

  5. Firebrand38 says: November 18, 20107:17 am

    Unfortunately there was no Disneyland in 1928.

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