Toys Run on Compressed Air (Jul, 1947)

Toys Run on Compressed Air
Driven by nothing more than air, these two toys can speed along at 15 m.p.h. for 125 feet. The plunger in the rear sends compressed air through tubing to a radial motor, where it is forced out through tiny holes. The released air sounds like a gas engine’s exhaust in the racer and makes a putt-putt noise while spinning the rotor of the taxiing helicopter. The toys are made by Mot-Air-Ette, of Chicago.

  1. jayessell says: November 8, 20073:56 pm



    I was going to post links, but apparently AirHog now refers to electric powered planes and helicopters.

    Where are the pnematicly powered ones?

    By the way…some neat toys, and not too expensive.

  2. Olli says: November 10, 200711:14 am

    Are these toys still being sold?

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