TRACK Barrier LEADS AUTO Devices (Aug, 1934)

TRACK Barrier LEADS AUTO Devices

A LIFE SAVER BARRIER which rises automatically out of the roadway to stop approaching autos as a train reaches the crossing is designed to prevent future grade crossing accidents. The barrier rises 4 inches when the train is 20 seconds away, but cars can still get across. At the 10 second period it rises to its full height

DETACHABLE POWER PLANT on the latest milk delivery truck can be “unhitched” and replaced with a new gasoline “horse” in 15 minutes. Although the small engine is mounted on the rear axle, the control system is simple. Starting off is just as easy as picking up the reins and saying “giddap.” The entire delivery car costs about as much as a good horse and milk wagon, but is said to be more economical in operation. Since high speed is unnecessary a small engine is used.

AUTO SKYLIGHTS have been patented by Mrs. Manchester, a widow living in Bournemouth, England, to give passengers in sedans an improved view of the countryside.

EVERY AUTO GADGET obtainable has been installed by Lyndon Grover to give him the most completely equipped automobile dashboard in Hollywood. A few devices such as barometer, altitude meter, tachometer, and pressure gauges have been borrowed from airplanes. The operation of every part of the car can be checked.

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  1. MikeBeversluis says: July 26, 20076:55 am

    I wish my car had a 30kV theft-proof switch and tear-gas bomb release. And an air speed meter.

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