Tractor Wheels Will Adjust Themselves on Side of Hill (Mar, 1930)

Tractor Wheels Will Adjust Themselves on Side of Hill
A NEW tractor has been built so that the wheels will adjust themselves to the side of a hill. There is gearing for raised and dropped axles so that either the right wheel or left will automatically raise itself in accordance with the steepness of the incline. The body of the machine will keep its upright position level, while the tractor is traveling along the side of a hill. This makes it possible to plow on land that is so steep it could not be used otherwise except with great difficulty. This tractor is expected to prove unusually serviceable and valuable to farmers in hilly country who have had much land wasted that can now be planted with income bearing crops, thus paying for itself in a short time.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 26, 20114:56 pm

    Thats weird, and I don’t see how it will help the farmer if the combine dosn’t have the same kind of wheels.

  2. Jari says: April 27, 20118:43 am

    Hiru: Thy potatoes. No need for combine.

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