Trailer Combines Home and Office (Jul, 1939)

Add an internet connection and this looks like a pretty spiffy place to live and work.

Trailer Combines Home and Office

Home and office are combined in a custom-built trailer just completed for an executive whose business keeps him touring the country. Equipped with desks, typewriter, and electric dictating machine, it also provides the owner and his wife with satinwood-furnished living quarters, an upper-deck observation lounge, a tiled bathroom with hot and cold shower, and a stainless-steel kitchen with a range burning bottled gas. Telephones connect office, power car, and galley; and an air-conditioning plant maintains year-round comfort.

  1. Stannous says: January 30, 20088:47 pm

    Easily the coolest tractor trailer RV of all time!

  2. Lars says: February 3, 20082:55 am

    Would make a nice hot rod combo

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