Trailer School TEACHES DRIVING and HOUSEKEEPING (Jan, 1938)

Wow, they must be big practitioners of the realism school of teaching because the girl in that bathing class looks pretty damn naked.

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OFFERING a comprehensive two-weeks course, what is believed to be the world’s first school for trailer owners has just been established on the outskirts of New York City. Staffed by a faculty of experts, the unique school provides instruction in all phases of trailer operation, construction, and maintenance.

The course begins in an indoor classroom where present and prospective trailer owners hear lectures, watch demonstrations, and receive their first lessons in driving with model automobiles and trailers that are maneuvered by hand on a table-top driving area. The curriculum progresses to the study of trailer chassis, lighting systems, brakes, springs, hitches, and other construction details.

As part of the course, visits are made to an actual trailer factory, where units are observed in all stages of construction and assembly. Under the guidance of experts, practical instruction in straightaway driving, backing, leveling, parking, and hitching is given on the open road.

A domestic-science teacher gives lectures on all phases of trailer housekeeping from cooking a banquet on a diminutive stove to the problems of refrigeration, hygiene, menus, and even taking a bath in cramped quarters. Valuable tips are given on planning routes, selecting camps, and choosing space-saving accessories.

  1. Erika says: September 20, 20077:02 am

    They had to demonstrate taking a bath????

    Sent this link to a bunch of ladies who spend their lives transporting show dogs – they thought it was hysterical! Let’s just say that housekeeping takes a back seat to knowing how to pump out the gray water.

  2. Stannous says: September 20, 20075:31 pm

    I can see why you might have to change a tire by flare in those pre-dependable-flashlight days but why would you have to demonstrate it with one?

    Actually, considering the number of people who I’ve seen driving their trailers and RVs improperly/unsafely, this ought to be mandatory.

  3. mrdweeb says: September 20, 20078:30 pm

    The trainers are right out of “American Gothic”. But then so are a lot of the photos from MM from ’30s.…

  4. dick says: January 11, 20088:37 pm

    It was American Gothic. That was what life was like then. I had a cousin who lived on a farm. His wife finally set fire to the outhouse to force him to put in indoor plumbing. They got electricity just before WW II. The water in the kitchen was pumped cold water. If you wanted hot you had to fire up the coal stove and heat it. And that was right around the end of WW II. To take a bath they heated the water and then poured it into a big tub in the kitchen. You shared the water! Times were very different and that was not all that long ago.

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