Trans-Atlantic Speedboat Nears Completion (May, 1930)

Trans-Atlantic Speedboat Nears Completion
One of the first trans-Atlantic aero speedboats, the Silver Eagle, will soon be tested in Massachusetts. It has a wing span of 48 feet and powered by two Liberty motors. Each prop is 9 ft., 4 in. Jong. A speed of 90 m.p.h, is expected. It is 40 ft. long, will carry 1100 gals, of gas and 32 passengers. The boat has a number of new and novel features that are expected to be noteworthy contributions to aeronautic and engineering knowledge.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 31, 20126:06 pm

    I wonder if this was a Wing In Ground effect vehicle?

  2. Stephen Edwards says: May 31, 20128:23 pm

    I think it nears completion, not bears completion.

  3. Charlie says: June 2, 20126:08 am

    Bah, details! Fixed, thanks 🙂

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