Transparent Face Mask (Mar, 1940)

Transparent Face Mask
Slipped over the head, a bag of cellulose tissue designed for use in skiing and other outdoor sports offers protection for the face without interfering with vision. The transparent mask can also be used as a shower cap, an apron, a tray cover, and a turban, the makers say.

  1. […] Transparent face mask? By ragmanx OK, this one just baffles me. Over at the Modern Mechanix blog, there is an old advertisement for a transparent face mask from the March 1940 issue of Popular Science magazine. Looking at the ad, all I can see is a plastic bag which someone put on a chicks head. Haven’t we spent our entire lives being told not to put plastic bags on our heads due to danger of suffocation? And isn’t putting a plastic bag over a woman’s head something more likely to be done by a serial murderer? And why is this woman smiling? […]

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  3. says: November 7, 200611:15 pm

    Where the “This is Not a Toy” Message First Came From…

    No, seriously. All you need is “yellow and blue make green and turn you blue” in the instructions and they would be complete.


  4. Anne says: April 8, 20081:54 pm

    Breathing is non-essential.

  5. Richard Chapman says: April 16, 200812:41 pm

    Maybe our litigious society isn’t that bad after all.

  6. huh says: July 14, 20085:25 am

    [email protected]

    Apparently the designer didn’t take the human need of oxygen into account when he made this.

  7. TimeFlies says: January 9, 200912:56 pm

    I want to see the turban!

  8. […] I got the pick from here. […]

  9. pandadonkey says: February 13, 20103:52 pm

    clearly not a toy.

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