Trapped Rat Shoots Self and Photographs the Fatal Event (Jan, 1935)

This just seems really sadistic to me. Why would you want this picture?

Trapped Rat Shoots Self and Photographs the Fatal Event
TRAPPED in an ingenious contrivance built by George W. Fenner, Syracuse photographer, a hungry rat shot himself and left a picture of the event in a camera trained upon the device.

A piece of bait was suspended from a wire at one end of the trap. Nibbling eagerly at the bait, the rat released a catch which dropped a spring-operated hammer, tripping the trigger of a revolver mounted at the opposite end of the trap.
The shot not only killed the rat but also cut a piece of string connected with still another spring. The latter set off a flashlight, supplying the illumination necessary to take the picture. In addition to the camera and lethal apparatus, a watch hung near the gun recorded the time of shooting.

  1. mike says: November 12, 20077:17 am

    very irrritating, waste of resources and time consuming practice to kill a rat..

  2. Tony Hedgewolf says: April 11, 20087:30 am

    I love it !

    Utterly pointless and incredibly ingenious – it’s Art. With rat-death.

  3. kriemer says: May 1, 200811:59 am

    Most interesting to me is that this article came out the same year as Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger defined his thought experiment known to many as “Schrödinger’s Cat”.

    Perhaps the name is a mistranslation from the original German and should be named “Schrödinger’s Rat”?

  4. darren says: November 14, 20104:44 pm

    “Rat shoots self” – I’m pretty sure the rat did not know anything about the gun or the trigger mechanism.

    Perhaps the guy that created this could have used some inspiriations from this http://blog.modernmecha…

  5. Jayessell says: November 14, 20105:20 pm

    Many years later the concept is turned into the board game “Mousetrap”.

  6. Robert says: December 29, 20109:17 pm

    Um, why and to what end?

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