Travelling Dressing Room—Movie Star Introduces Her “Dressmobile” (Sep, 1930)

This looks like it’s the first “star” trailer.

Travelling Dressing Room—Movie Star Introduces Her “Dressmobile”

KEEPING temperamental moving picture stars happy and comfortable while on location has long been a serious problem with directors, but Metro-Goldwyn seems to be on the right track in the solution of this problem by providing luxurious traveling dressing rooms for the expensive talent.

To Marion Davies goes the credit for the idea of the dressing room on wheels which may be hitched behind a truck and towed wherever the company may happen to be working. The new moving bungalow has all the comforts of home including an electrical refrigerator, radio set, hot and cold water, boudoir equipment, and complete wardrobe facilities. Deep springs and powerful shock absorbers make riding easy. The running gear may be detached and rolled to the side.

  1. Torgo says: June 25, 20089:52 pm

    Hmm. I wonder how Miss Davies could aford it?

  2. Michael Patrick says: June 26, 20087:08 am

    I wonder what exactly is “boudoir equipment”………..

  3. jayessell says: June 26, 20088:31 am

    Torgo, is that a reference to William Randolph Hearse?
    Ms. Davies successfully crossed over from Silents in Talkies, and was also a movie producer.
    Her Internet Movie Database listing is fascinating.

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