Trip to Europe Made by Air, Rail and Water (Sep, 1934)

Trip to Europe Made by Air, Rail and Water

Crossing the Atlantic ocean by air has been removed from the category of high adventure to a regular form of transpor- tation running on schedule. For the traveler who is in a hurry, one steamship line has established, as a part of its regular service, a trip by air, rail and water which permits the tourist to cover three continents, or about 16,500 miles, in from nineteen to twenty-one days, depending on the speed of the steamer he uses. The three weeks’ trip spanning three continents covers North America, South America and Europe. From Miami the traveler goes by plane to Rio de Janeiro or Pernambuco, then he boards the “Graf Zeppelin” which makes regular trips from Rio de Janeiro to Friedrichshafen, Germany. From Germany the tourist travels by rail to Cherbourg, France, where he boards a liner for the trip to New York.

  1. Buddy says: March 21, 201211:12 am

    Wish we still had Zeppelins. I saw a documentary fairly recently about a circumnavigation using one, way cool. Blimps just don’t cut it.

  2. Hirudinea says: March 21, 20126:18 pm

    Yea, Zeppelins were cool, but ot cost effective.

  3. Toronto says: March 21, 20127:26 pm

    Buddy – get the book “Sliderule” by Neville Shute (or Neville Shute Norway) from the library and read it. The famous-in-the-Commonwealth author was an engineer on one of the great British airships, and tells a ripping tale of her maiden trans-Atlantic flight.

  4. Zeppflyer says: March 22, 20127:35 am

    As petroleum prices increase, they could well become cost effective. Solar or even nuclear power could be implemented on airships far more easily than on heavier than air craft.

    Toronto, was that the R100? Great ship. Pity her sister was such a bungle.

  5. Toronto says: March 22, 201210:44 am

    Zepp – yep.

  6. Toronto says: March 22, 20123:52 pm
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