Trout Enjoys Back Scratching (Jul, 1934)

Trout Enjoys Back Scratching

ARDENT anglers who have too often conic out second best in their battles with the tricky denizens of the trout streams might take lessons in fish taming from Herbert Hyde of Salt Lake City, Utah. One of Mr. Hyde’s most prized possessions is “Jumbo,” a four pound rainbow trout that not only didn’t get away, but doesn’t want to.

In the sixteen years that he has lived in the Hyde tank, “Jumbo” has grown fat and lazy. He enjoys being fed by hand and after the meal is over insists on having his sides and stomach scratched to aid digestion.

An unusually large aquarium is required, with a continual supply of fresh cold water pouring in, to keep “Jumbo” in good health in his man-made home.

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