Try This One on your Manly Frame! (Jul, 1931)

Try This One on your Manly Frame!

What a Union Suit for $1.00

See the new B.V.D.”Sports Model” today — the union suit that revived the dollar and restored its value self-respect. For when it buys the “Sports Model” your good old dollar gets back in its stride—becomes the shining silver pre-war cartwheel that purchased quality and plenty of it.

What a Union Suit it buys! It’s splendidly tailored — with low arm holes and webbed shoulder inserts —wide legs and flared hips—a B.V.D. model with the triple virtues of smartness, comfort and a pre-war price.

It comes in two popular models— the Double Reinforce Back and the Blouse Back — and it’s made of B.V.D.’s famous nainsook—the fabric with Arctic virtues — a fabric that keeps you cool even when the humidity is a front page headline.

It has buttons that stay put, button holes built to stand the gaff of rough usage, locked stitched seams and special reinforcements at every point of stress and strain.

It’s a grand dollar’s worth of union suit—the best dollar buy on the market today. See it at your dealer’s and look for the label of B.V.D.— the three-lettered absolute guarantee of smartness, style and service.

…and even the famous “U-1” the biggest selling Union Suit of all time … is now $1.25

  1. Charlene says: January 10, 201110:32 am

    It’s a manisole!

  2. Chris Radcliff says: January 10, 201110:37 am

    I hope that whoever wrote that copy received a gigantic bonus. Reading it made me want to buy the product, even though it looks absolutely hideous in the illustration.

  3. Toronto says: January 10, 20111:09 pm

    That’s the strangest non-magical underwear I’ve ever seen.

    But not as odd as the RV on the cover. 48 tiny windows, large canoe-sized hole in teh roof, headlights 10′ off the ground, etc.

  4. Christoph says: January 10, 20117:42 pm

    Try this one on your manly frame…

    First time I felt an advertisement was coming on to me.

  5. Kosher Ham says: January 11, 201111:43 am

    Add some lace and other pretty stitching and you got something for the ladies (and cross dressers.)

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